About the Blog

This Blog’s Purpose:
There are lots of websites and blogs out there which spout their author’s opinions on why to homestead.  They share what they think about god, why they live on this planet, how and why to live off grid, feelings, emotions, and so on.

If you are reading this, you already have your reasons.  I won’t do that!!

Without going into depth, I feel strongly that we as responsible humans on the planet Earth should leave the smallest footprint possible.  There are many ways to live responsively and use what is here already.

Of course, I can’t write about projects without explaining the underlying motivation or the “why”, but my opinions are not my goal or the purpose of this blog.  It is more about the “what” and “how”.

For me, I have embarked on an adventure – one with limitless projects.  My end goal is to live on this homestead and have it be completely self supporting.

This blog consists of projects and lessons learned as this journey’s road is paved.  from my eyes – that of an engineer.