About Me

A Little About Me:

Yes, it is true, I’m an engineer and have been one my whole life.

Most children’s first book is something like Dr Seuss or something similar.   According to my mom, my first book was “How it Works.”   I was that kid who always got “into everything.”  I’m told that I even took my crib apart and crawled out the bottom… Mom said (in a loving way), I am a combination of “Curious George” and “Dennis the Menace.”

I am college educated city boy and LOVE learning.  I research everything and learn through experimentation.  I’m tactile and tend to “touch” everything.  I guess it is just how my mind gathers information the best.   I’m a professional software engineer, a semi-professional photographer, a writer and an avid master scuba diver.   I’m blessed with a fantastic family and two beautiful step daughters, both of which have little ones of their own.   This blog isn’t about me, it is about how I see homesteading and living off the grid from an engineer’s perspective (with a little humor and photography sprinkled in).

I was born in New York and move to Colorado shortly after college.  After selling my home of 25 years in Colorado and moving to Florida, I purchased some property in 2013.  I currently own 1.875 acres.  I’ll write a more detailed blog entry which details more about the how and why I got this property initially, but for now, all you need to know is that it is this property which is why the blog exists.

I mentioned my step girls above because a lot of my projects surround them.  They are both very well educated, beautiful “earth smart” and “frugal.”  One of them (Danielle) actually lives in the house on my property.  I mention both girls and their families in several blog entries.

All that said, there are no initials after my name like PE, MD or PHD, but I think with all the energy I possess, I should have the letters “,ADHD” at the end of my name.   Seriously, I am not hyperactive and thank God I don’t have any physiological disorders (which are a very serious topic – one I won’t touch here), but I do have lots of energy and have always channeled this into creative endeavors.

Only my real friends and family know me well enough to understand what motivates me emotionally and spiritually.   That’s all I’ll say about myself here.